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Hello, February.

What are the items for this month?

1. [Illiyoon] Ceramide as a concentration cream
2. [the SAEM]Moose candy tint #02Strawberry mousse
3. [SKINFOOD]Chocolate Ibrow Powder Cake #01 gray khaki black
4. [NATURE REPUBLIC]Biflower Auto Eyebrow #02 pecan brown
5. [Mamonde]Flower Lab Essence Mask #Rose

[Illiyoon] Ceramide as a concentration cream

Capsule-type ceramide and effective moisturizing ingredients calm dry and itchy skin while keeping moisture tight.
No fragrance and low irritation, safe for sensitive and dry skin.

[the SAEM]Moose candy tint

#02Strawberry mousse

Lip tint that expresses lively lips with a smooth texture and vivid color.
It can be painted evenly with a light texture like moose and gives a solid color.

[SKINFOOD]Chocolate Ibrow Powder Cake

#01 gray khaki black

Eyebrow shadow of a size convenient for carrying.
A natural gray-brown color can be adjusted to suit the color of the hair, eyes and eye makeup.
Slightly sweet chocolate scent.

[NATURE REPUBLIC]Biflower Auto Eyebrow

#02 pecan brown

An eyebrow pencil of a draw-out type featuring soft drawing comfort and solid color development.
There is a brush on the other side of the pen, so it is convenient for adjusting hair flow and blurring the finish.


[Mamonde]Flower Lab Essence Mask #Rose

A naturally-occurring transparent cellulose sheet that adheres without gaps charges the skin with moisture.
Serum-type flower essence that captures roses with morning dew as it is gently caring for dry skin.

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